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Our dental sedation methods

For your peace of mind, in K2 Dentistry Denver we offer pain management techniques that prevent pain during our interventions.

Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation:

Our Dental Sedation Methods

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Oral Sedation

Pain Management Priority

Same-Day Service

What methods do we use?

For dental sedation, we have two methods, and each one has its characteristics:

Nitrous Oxide: 

Also known as laughing gas, results from a combination between nitrous oxide and oxygen. It's inhaled via a nasal mask or nosepiece. Once administered, the patient experiences relaxation and submerges in a dream state, generating some symptoms of dizziness and euphoria. As laughing gas leaves your system quickly, you will be able to drive yourself home after the treatment.

Oral sedation:

Iis an oral type of medication (pill-like), which you must ingest before the treatment. Its effect is stronger than that of laughing gas, you can feel groggy and sleepy during and after the treatment, which in most cases requires the presence of a companion to assist you and drive you home. Depending on the treatment, its effects can be mild or moderate.

Pain management is a priority for us. You won’t feel anything during your treatments, but if you have concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

We know that your time is valuable.

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